Not Fit For Purpose. Online Play.

The Gaiety. Youth Theatre. Directed and Edited. 

It’s the year 2020 and the world looks very different to the one we lived in when our education system was set up in 1918. It is no longer fit for purpose.

You’ve had your time to fix it. In fact, you’ve had over 100 years. We no longer want to conform to your binary ideas of learning. So we’re taking matters into our own hands. We want an education that is about actual learning not ticking boxes and passing tests.

Join us as we explore what education could be, what it should be and ask those with the power to change it: What are you going to do about it?

We started our work online by joining Company 3's Coronavirus Time Capsule.

When we got to Week Four - School we had a strong response. We decided instead of writing a letter to school we would write a letter to the government about school, a hopeful letter about the change that could happen post lockdown.

That letter turned into 'Not Fit For Purpose' a piece exploring the school system and what it could be.

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