Treasure Island. Musical.

WriterEnglish Musicals Korea. Designed set screen printsDesigned poster and programme.

There was once an evil pirate who sailed from Island to Island looting and pillaging until he discovered a map, a magic map that led him to Treasure Island. He sailed to the Island and followed the map but all he found was an empty treasure chest. Enraged, he set the map alight, but the map was magic and could not be destroyed, when the smoke was gone, so was the pirate, the map and the treasure. All that remained was a single gold rock and a legend that under that rock the magic map could be found. Although many tried the rock remained lost for hundreds of years. 


Bonny, Sam and Alfie find the map to the lost treasure of Treasure Island. Ru, the magical protector of the map, helps to guide them. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones looking for the treasure. Jack and Jenny are two greedy pirates who want the treasure all to themselves. Will the Wild Kids find the treasure before Jack and Jenny?  

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